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"I am in love with your work! I could have not asked for more perfect photos for a price and time frame that makes sense.  I always feel like when talent book those super expensive all day shoots it stresses them out because it’s such a big overwhelming day. Affordable, quick, quality photos is what I want for my clients!"

- Christine Tarallo, Agent BBA Talent

"Alisha booked the Google commercial "Zeitgeist" shorty after you did her headshots."

-Susan Leiston, Alisha's mom.


 "You are amazing and working with you was seriously the best! So thank you."

- Bex-Taylor-Klaus, "Scream"

"Maria is the best!"

- Matt Barnes

"Sarah booked a commercial/photoshoot for Cedar Fair solely based on the headshot you took"

Nancy Burnham, Sarah's mom. 

"Can I express how grateful I am that you suggested this wonderful photographer, Maria Tornberg, who made Jennys experience an amazing one."

 - Cheree Betistain, Jenny's mom

"Maria you are awesome! My students love your work!" 

-Stuart Stone, Casting Director. 

"Hi Maria, I just love the shots you took of Ava Maria. We got so many great shots! Thanks for your great work!"

-Kristen Heimo, Agent Bella agency


"Not only did Maria capture my looks perfectly but she also introduced me to my agent who signed me on the spot based on the headshots she took." 

-Lina Mulan, Actor.

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