Investing in high-quality, authentic, personal branding photography's required if you want your visuals to play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. Your brand is about influencing the way costumers think of you. As a result, personal branding photography will have a huge impact on your business. 


We work with high performers such as: actors, industry experts, influencers, thought leaders, business professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, doctors, and creators.


Maria Tornberg has been working as a high fashion model, actress, director, photographer and art director for several brands all over the world and her years of knowledge and experience bring great access to a wealth of information as well as her being a caring, loving human being and talented photographer. 

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Together we work on developing your brand, which means your styling, hair and makeup, choice of colors and wardrobe that will be consistent throughout all your social media.When we find your Brand (The unique YOU), your business will stand out and people will be attractive to it because they can see your authenticity and have a clear vision of who you are and stand for.

Each photo session is a personalized experience to create photos that will convey your true brand to your ideal clients. Working with my team of professionals (hairstylist, makeup artist and wardrobe stylist) we create images that tell your story and represent your brand. 

The lack of an online presence through social media greatly hinders your ability to generate awareness for your brand and even get noticed by casting directors.


When it comes to entertainment and celebrities, Instagram is the #1 platform right now. It has expanded a lot in the past few years and now has 700 million active monthly users. As a visual platform, it’s the easiest to upload engaging photos and videos to. With the addition of Instagram Stories, the same feature that made Snapchat popular, Instagram has become the all in one platform. Not only does it have Snapchat-like face filters, it has its own live video function to create deeper fan connections.

Why is Social Media Important for Actors and Celebrities?

Whether you want to be cast for more roles or build your own audience, social media can help you accomplish your goals. Social media has become such an integral part of how we live and communicate that actors can cultivate their own audiences and communicate with their fans directly, sans the need of paparazzi or mega media channels. In a way, social media allows someone with a large following to act as their own mini media company. But instead of paying someone else to run PR campaigns and contact communication outlets to run stories, it can all be done by you.

PRESENT. "  Queer Eye's  Jonathan Van Ness

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Entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, thought leaders, real estate agents come to me for beautiful marketing photos. THEY NEED PHOTOS REPRESENTING THEIR BUSINESS AND PRODUCT but  what I have learnt is that THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO CREATE PHOTOS WHICH WILL REPRESENT YOU, THE PERSON BEHIND the product, service, business.

Karen Mills-Alston author of "Show up to a life worth living

"Let us photograph your future business, today" 

"Your Brand is what people say about you when you leave the room" -Jeff Bezos


At the end, what you sell is YOU and what you represent. Look at all the fashion brands. Yes, some brands we buy MAY BE BETTER THAN CHEAPER ONES because they are better manufactured but mostly we buy the PERSON, THE DESIGNER, THE SPOKESPERSON AND THE IMAGE behind the product. 


I AM OFTEN TOLD HOW my photo shoot sessions experience makes  MY CLIENTS feel safe to reveal their authentic self.  

I create an environment where they can blossom and own who they are. The photos will manifesting WHO YOU ARE AND THAT'S WHAT  the consumers are buying. 

Sarah Bisarello the writer and creator of The 30 Days Self Love challenge