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You headshot is your Calling card, the first impression is crucial. I have been working with over 1000 Actors collaborated with Casting directors and Agents for 10 years, keeping my finger on the pulse of the business. We create Outstanding Headshots that stand out, grab the Casting Director's attention and increase your Auditions

Jonathan Van Ness


My virtual Branding class have helped many Actors discover their own Unique, Personal Brands. I have developed a great Formula that will help you discover your Unique Personal Overall Brand, Narrow down your Looks and teach you how to dress specifically for each Look.  



Most actors make sure they get a portfolio of Lifestyle photos to compliment the Headshots. Lifestyle photos are necessary for print and commercial submissions. They will also support your Brand on social Media. The lack of an online presence through social media greatly hinders your ability to generate awareness for your brand and even get noticed by casting directors.



As your talent consultant, I will guide you through the ins and outs of show business, and with my resources on your side, navigating the competitive world of show business will be much easier. I have introduced and gotten many actors signed with talents agencies after signed up for my consulting program. 

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Subscription Partner Package

If you want more images on a regular basis, you can opt for a branding subscription package where you get more value than these one-off shoots. 

In this case, I'll create a custom package for your needs. We'll have regular bookings every month (or a time period of your choosing) and you'll pay a regular (i.e. monthly) fee at a discounted rate.

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